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SIC Cleanrooms, SIC Construct, SIC Investment come together as a versatile consortium. Each with is own quality and stability.

Offering aimed and focus services, advice and customer attention. Dedicated to the client’s requirements to find the appropriate solution whether it is Cleanrooms, Construction and Investments.

This consortium was established with the idea of being an all rounder in the diverse fields. Each company has experienced qualified and professional staff that will attend the client in the shortest and quickest time.

SIC giving the client the sensation of being side by side all the way during the potential project. Versatility, Enthusiasm and consistency are SIC Cleanrooms, SIC Construct and SIC Investment’s approach.

Cleanrooms SIC
Specialising in the sale of Cleanrooms for aseptic and contamination-controlled environments.
Sales Investment Company SIC
SIC Sales Investments carries out a needs analysis’s and focuses on the clients’ sales and administration requirements.
Construction SIC
Sic Construct is specialized in Civil, Public and Industrial construction works.


Specialised in sell of cleanrooms for pharmaceutical, hospital and laboratory sectors

SIC Cleanrooms, SIC Construct and SIC Investments consortium.
These three companies have one main focus: Provide, Attend and Propose.

Each company stand on their own, dedicating its attention to detail, understand how to assure the client has made the right choice in selection SIC Cleanrooms, SIC Construct and SIC Investments consortium.

In what way is this done? Listening and acknowledging in what way to solve the clients’ needs by working and  brainstorming with them the best resolution and suggestions offered by the consortium.

The consortium’s know-how and skilled team present detailed projects with a wide spectrum of ideas. SIC Cleanrooms, SIC Construct and SIC Investments consortium stands by strong will, determination and steadiness for its clients.


Everything you wanted to know about Cleanrooms

Here you will find in-depth information, news, events, case history and useful details about Cleanrooms, Investment, Costruction and much more.


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